Trustees serve the governing body of the charity and are responsible for its management and administration.

People from all walks of life volunteer as charity trustees.  They form the backbone of the voluntary sector, helping our communities thrive and succeed.    

Become a Trustee

Trustees come from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds: professionals, parents, retirees, students.  A trustee of Berkshire Youth can be anyone who is enthusiastic about our work for young people and committed to making a difference for them.  Berkshire Youth Trustees are responsible for making sure the charity is well-managed and delivers what it was set up to do.  Key roles and responsibilities are:

  • Setting Berkshire Youth’s strategy: devising and implementing strategies that are financially sound, enabling BY to continue to act as the advocate for young people in Berkshire, helping them to fulfill their potential.
  • Directing the activities of Berkshire Youth and ensuring it is carrying out the purposes for which it was set up.
  • Ensuring it is well managed and complying with charity law.
  • Making sure finances are handled properly: checking that Berkshire Youth is complying with accounting and reporting requirements, and using voluntary donations and income appropriately and responsibly.


  • It’s a voluntary role – you won’t get paid but expenses are available.
  • It can be challenging – you’ll need to commit time and effort, including attending meetings, taking an interest, actively supporting BY and acting as an ambassador for us within your own networks.
  • And you're guaranteed to find it hugely rewarding and worthwhile.

 Share your skills - Develop new ones - Meet new people - Make a difference