30th Jul '20

Jessica's Blog - July 2020

Where has this year gone? It was April a few minutes ago! July has been a good one, out and about doing lots of detached and walking off all the extra lockdown weight!  

Detached has been a really mixed bag with some days not seeing many young people in areas and other times (usually weather dependent) seeing around 60 young people! It has been great to get out and about and catch up with young people and get an insight into how COVID has affected them!  

I have been doing detached in lots of areas, including: Reading, Winnersh, Bracknell, Newbury and Hungerford – in all these areas young people have had different views around the last 3 months. Some have been regularly attending school and others have been completing online work set by school. The general consensus from young people is that they are looking forward to September to get themselves back into a routine and see all their school friends. 

The summer holidays are now in full swing and the feeling is that this is a welcome break for young people – especially those who have been completing work at home! I will be continuing detached work throughout the summer and continue to engage with lots of young people!  

Written by Jessica, Youth Worker