2nd Apr '20

The Wayz - COVID19

The Wayz have been finding different ways to keep in touch with their members since they have had to temporarily had to close the doors to their youth centre.

 The staff have been hosting lots of different video conferencing sessions, allowing the young people to discuss the challenges, accreditations and activities they can all be doing at home to support them and their families through these different circumstances. 

The Wayz are pleased to still be offering the following for all young people to access:

  • Continuing to support our 1:1 working with young people through: text, call and zoom videoing. All communication is logged and video call recorded and saved
  • Delivering online youth sessions through zoom, where young people can engage with staff and peers and participate in activities. Whilst this is obviously different, the response from young people and parents has been really positive. All communication is logged and video call recorded and saved
  • Our volunteer support has been working through zoom also. They have been exploring how our volunteers can apply some of the skills they have learnt to their home and responsibilities. They have also been looking at planning for when they return to volunteering through our provisions. All communication is logged and video call recorded and saved
  • Sharing resources to support the young people's well-being whilst at home
  • Continuing our training offer. Be Internet Citizens training is being run through online webinars as some young people had started this and we want to add as much continuity as possible. Youth achievement awards will be added to our offer as some young people had started these and others were keen to start. These training opportunities could be a great way of adding focus and achievement through this difficult time
  • Over Easter we would normally be running our Day Camps Holiday Provision. However, as we cannot at this time, we are instead offering a daily challenge for members and their families to get involved in
  • Sharing activity packs which are informative and interactive for young people to get involved in. These will have a focus on the following: communication, confidence, creativity, managing feelings, relationships and leadership, planning and problem solving, resilience and determination and healthy lifestyles (exercise and diet). These will be a working resource with new activities and challenges being added
  • Some of our young people who are now Mental Health Youth Champions will be posting videos about staying positive, through our social media
  • We have offered to support other services and Police, as we have done in the past. However the offer at present is that we can contact any young people that we know of and they are happy to keep us up to date with any youth related issues

We are also planning for future activities within programmes to be able to share some exciting things to look forward to.

We are strongly advising everyone to like The Wayz page on Facebook for all the latest updates, but we are also texting and emailing parents to share what is on offer. 

We are trying to offer a mixed range of activities and opportunities to engage our young people. We will reflect upon these weekly to review how things are going and whether we are optimising engagement. We shall ensure that young people are the real focus and directors of what we offer, in order to meet their needs and concerns over this very different and difficult period for them.