Engaging vulnerable young people during their transition from childhood to adolescence.


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About Fusion

The aim of Fusion is to engage vulnerable young people during their transition from childhood to adolescence.
We understand that the transition from childhood to adolescence is an exciting, challenging and sometimes scary process for young people. The Fusion programme has been designed to support vulnerable young role during this transition in school, after school and within their own local community.
Bella and Jack will be the recognisable face of the Fusion programme that will operate across the school and community settings to give young people a consistent brand to associate with and to access support from. We want to encourage and support young individuals to develop social and emotional capabilities which ill enhance their cognitive development within school.

The Young People
Support during the transition from Primary to Secondary School helping them to develop the skills to make the transition time less scary.
Personal, Social, Educational and Development opportunities through a variety of approaches.
Engage in opportunities and build relationships in their community and meet new people.

The Schools
Increase partnership working with professionals in the community and have a positive representation in the media and community perception.
Potential increased attainment and behaviour for your pupils.

The Communities
Building and maintaining relationships with a future generation, promoting intergenerational work.
Social Action Projects based on improving an aspect of the community, increasing positive attitude and empowerment of the engaged.


Berkshire Youth Fusion Sessions at The Pines School 2017  - 'The Fusion youth work team have formed a colourful and integral part of The Pines PSHE Year Six curriculum, over the autumn term. Pupils embraced energetically, to question, learn and discover more about themselves as well as their peers: learning how to build skills of communication, resilience, creative thinking, community consideration, teamwork and leadership. 

Demonstrated and delivered by the Fusion Team, the programme unfolded through a delightful range of creative activities: from artistic design to edible and structural problem solving; from competitive team challenges to fun interactive games. Pupil enthusiasm ran consistently high as confidences grew week by week, thanks to the excellently organised and well resourced Fusion Team. 

Undoubtedly, the Berkshire Youth scheme has been greatly appreciated by many children, staff and parents alike. The Pines would like to extend their thanks to all involved  and our appreciation for the gifted Fusion bench; this generosity will be greatly prized within our school.

 Teacher -

“The children have loved it!”

 “They always look forward to the sessions.”

 “Will be more than happy to have you back in next year.”

Young People:

'I really like Fusion because they have lovely staff and help boost my confidence. My favourite part about Fusion is when we get to play team games and have fun and be active.'

'I’m very excited for the Fusion trip and Fusion is very fun because I love the activities we do. Also I would like to do more activities outside.'

'I really enjoyed playing Cluedo and doing competitions at school.'

'I really love Fusion! It helps me with finding friends.'

'I love Fusion it is so much fun like after-school clubs. I love spending time with Paige and Jess. I wish we could do art and spray painting.' 

'I love it because it is fun activities and it is in school and out of school too!'

'I enjoyed playing Cluedo and human bingo!'

'I’ve enjoyed playing Cluedo and going to the park in the community session.'

'I have enjoyed building spaghetti and marshmallow towers. I think Jess and Paige are really nice and I really like having fun with friends.'





0118 9090927