If you’d like to leave a gift for Berkshire Youth in your will or request your loved ones donate to us in your memory, we’d be very grateful and here’s how it can be done:

In Memory


Leaving a donation to Berkshire Youth in your will is a lovely way of supporting our work, now and in the future, your generosity will have a lasting impact on young people across Berkshire.

All you need to do is state in your will that you wish Berkshire Youth to receive either:

•a specified amount of money

•a percentage of your estate

•whatever is remaining after your loved ones have been taken care of

Any sum you leave is free from Inheritance Tax. For more information on writing your will please talk to a solicitor.

Memory Giving

Memory Giving or a JustGiving In Memory page lets you make an online donation in memory of a loved one, perhaps instead of floral tributes. If your loved one was passionate about Berkshire Youth you can ask for donations in their memory, we can continue with the work they cared about.

The funeral company can set up the Memory Giving page for you.

Or you can set up your own Just Giving In Memory page.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid makes a huge difference to us. We receive an extra 25% and it costs you nothing!

£5 becomes £6.25, £10 becomes £12.50.

If you’re a UK taxpayer, you can make your donations to Berkshire Youth go even further. Just fill in and return a simple form and we can claim back 25p of tax for every pound you donate. If you’ve donated to us or plan to donate in other ways, completing this form will make your money go further.

Please give your full name and home address and tick the relevant box or we cannot claim Gift Aid.

Download Gift Aid Form 

Contact us to find out more about Gift Aid or take a look on the Gov.uk website. 

Our Fundraising Promise

Berkshire Youth would not exist without our generous supporters. We are incredibly grateful for the continued support we receive and take pride in ensuring that all our fundraising is honest, legal, transparent and respectful of our donor’s wishes.