24th Sep '20

Best Version of Me

What is the Best Version of Me programme? 

The Best Version of Me programme is a blended personal development programme delivered via Zoom and face to face with young people aged 12-18. The programme explores topics such as leadership, decision making, effective communication and dealing with pressure. 

How did the programme come about? 

Phil Davies (International Rugby Coach) and Derek Peaple (Previous Head Teacher) approached Greenham Trust and Berkshire Youth with a proposal for a personal development programme as part of the Covid-19 Summer School offer. At the same time, Berkshire Youth recognised the need for young people to have support and development opportunities at such an unsettling time. This collaborative approach gave young people a safe and supportive environment in which to explore key topics such as leadership, self-awareness, responding to pressure and communication skills.  

How was the programme funded? 

The programme was funded by Greenham Trust, a key supporter of Berkshire Youth for a number of years. Berkshire Youth has benefitted greatly from the support of Greenham Trust, not only their support and guidance, but their enthusiasm for developing new programmes for young people as well as supporting on going programmes. 

What has the programme achieved for the young people? 

“Self belief”                                    “I am able to work well in front of new people”                 “Confidence to voice my opinion”       

 “I have learnt how to stay calm and think through my opinions before I act” “I have leant how to listen to other people”   

“I have more confidence and can speak to others easier”                  “I have learnt how to make the right decisions under pressure”

“[name] really enjoyed the programme and learnt so much, thank you [parent]”

What has the programme achieved in terms of collaborative work? 

Berkshire Youth has a longstanding relationship with many schools in Berkshire. Last year we placed 4 youth workers in 20 schools throughout Berkshire and 1 of these worked in West Berkshire. One of the schools we work with is Park House School where Derek Peaple was Head Teacher at the time. From September, we increased our work to 10 secondary schools and the iCollege in West Berkshire. This course demonstrates the power of collaborative working between schools and the voluntary sector. We had 13 young people from 5 schools who completed the programme and the success of the course demonstrates the positive impact that youth work has on young people and also strengthens the relationships we have with schools. 

What is the future of the programme? 

This programme has the potential to be further developed as a sustainable and blended learning resource now students have returned to school. The response and engagement from the young people has been outstanding and we will be exploring how we develop the programme for future cohorts of young people. Berkshire Youth are keen to hear from anyone who would be willing to sponsor or support the programme moving forward. 

Written by Kate, Training & Volunteer Development Manager