2nd Apr '20

Jessica's Blog

What a week it has been so far! This is a very different situation to come back to after annual leave. I was expecting delivery, healthy lifestyle sessions, youth club sessions and youth achievement awards, but instead I have been met with working from home and a lot of work on the laptop each day – something that is a challenge in itself as I struggle to sit still!

Every team meeting we have at Berkshire Youth has an update on what we have been doing; we are asked to do a 90 second around the table about what we have been up to so here it is: 

Something new I have been doing: Working from home! This is definitely a change to what I am used to as my role is purely delivery, youth club sessions, out and about in the community and schools – up to 10 schools a week!  However, this week working from home has been a lot better than I thought it would be, I have got loads done, all those tasks that usually I have no time to do! 

A good news story from a project: As delivery has stopped due to lockdown and schools being closed, I have been pulling resources and activities together from a variety of projects that Berkshire Youth offer and collating them into an activity booklet. This has been going well and it has been interesting to see how our delivery based projects can be adapted to be widespread and available for all to have a go at the activities. 

How you can help: Ideas! What do you want to see Berkshire Youth offer during this time? What activities or challenges would you like to see? All my sessions are young person led so it would be great to get some feedback on the activity booklet (please see the separate Fit4YOUth activity sheets in our News section) and ideas for future activities and challenges. 

Stay safe, keep in touch and keep positive – see you soon!