29th Mar '20

Paige's Blog

Week 1 in Isolation! 

What a surreal week this has been! I was ready for a week of Detached Work, out in the community… then Boris announced the news… we are in LOCKDOWN! Watching his live update on the matter mixed up a variety of emotions – panic, sadness, confused, scared… I only imagined how tough it was going to be to adapt to this new way of living and I wasn’t wrong! Many questions started pinging up in my head… “How am I going to do this?” “How long is this going to go on for?” and more importantly “How am I going to cope spending all of my time at home?!”

Time to make a list – I started to think of ‘all of those things that I could do another time’ and wrote them all down… over the week, this list has grown longer and longer and I have realised how spending time at home is actually going to be quite productive! I have made it a task to choose one job from the list to do each day… which I have stuck to so far… and will continue to follow over the next couple of weeks! One of the things I have added to the list is ‘Go for a Walk!’ – It is so important to make sure you take advantage of the 1 walk a day rule and get some fresh air! I’ve found a walk is a chance to empty my mind and focus on the positive things! 

Next week – now everyone is raving about their morning workouts with Joe Wicks… I think it’s time for me to see what all the fuss is about! Monday Morning – 9am – I promise I will try it out! 

That’s all from me folks… Keep Positive! Keep Indoors! Keep Busy! Let’s BEAT this!