Developing purposeful relationships with young people in public spaces.

On The Street

Detached youth work is based around developing purposeful relationships with young people in public spaces such as parks, shelters or on the streets.  Youth workers engage young people and work with them to enhance their life chances and to help them contribute to their community. They provide appropriate information and advice to vulnerable young people.

These young people may be involved in or at risk of exploitation from gangs, often on the edge of County Lines drug trafficking. Some will be known to the Youth Offending Team and/or Police. Some engage in criminal damage to property. They collect together in groups, they tell us, for a sense of belonging. Most will have a range of difficult life experiences; including bullying, troubled family relationships, unemployment/economic hardship.  

Most young people our youth workers meet on the streets complain there is nothing to do for their age group. Unfortunately, their challenging behaviour has further reduced youth opportunities as community clubs are often run by volunteers who don’t have the experience/training to deal with these challenges.