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Bradfield College Leadership

29 November 2021

Students at Bradfield College are taking part in Berkshire Youth’s Leadership Academy course.

The participants have been looking at the qualities of a leader. They were asked which of these qualities they think they have and then discussed as a group how we all have different qualities. They also looked at Lewin’s leadership styles and thought of examples of when they had witnessed or used the different styles and when each one may be necessary to use.

They also had to decided who was a good and bad leader from six ‘famous faces’, which included reality TV stars, royalty, historical figures, sports people, activists, presidents and more. This was tricky as they all had different opinions on each person and had multiple reasons for why they were a good or bad leader. They concluded that everyone has different qualities and can lead different groups effectively but not everyone will agree they are a good leader!

Jessica Kirby, Youth Worker

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