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Bradfield College Volunteering Day

30 June 2021

On Monday we welcomed Bradfield College Fifth Form students to the Waterside Centre as part of their two week Voluntary Enrichment Programme. The students kindly gave up their time to help paint our sports activities equipment storage room in preparation for the Waterside Centre reopening later this year.

Bradfield College, who partnered with Berkshire Youth to create The Bradfield Leadership Academy, provides opportunities for its pupils to undertake leadership training and gain qualifications provided by Berkshire Youth, before utilising their new skills by volunteering to run sports, arts and musical activities in the local community.

Fresh from completing their GCSE studies, Bradfield College students, Archie and Amy, reflected on what they enjoy most about volunteering in the local community. Archie said: “It’s satisfying, rewarding knowing that you’re helping others.” Amy commented: “The opportunity to help people and make a difference is what I enjoy most.”

Hayley Morris, Head of Partnerships at Bradfield College, said: “Mutually beneficial relationships like this benefit our students by allowing them to engage in practical activities outside of the college, meet new people, and get involved in their local communities.”

Referring to the future potential of Bradfield College’s partnership with Berkshire Youth Dr David Brooks, Director of Science at Bradfield College, said: “We hope to develop a mutually beneficial link where our students will not only be volunteering and engaging within the Newbury community, but also see participants at the Waterside Centre come over and use Bradfield College’s facilities as well, providing not just manpower but a two-way experience.”

Darren Mitchell, Head of Outreach and Charity at Bradfield College, said: “The proximity of Bradfield College to the Waterside provides an exciting opportunity for our students on a regular, weekly basis to be involved and work in partnership with Berkshire Youth throughout the year.”

Roger Wall, Deputy Head (Co-curricular) at Bradfield College, added: “Given the great success of the Bradfield Leadership Academy over the last five years in collaboration with Berkshire Youth , it will be fantastic to see our students volunteering at the Waterside, providing community support to the young people of Newbury in the process.”

Thank you to the Bradfield College students and staff for their invaluable help.

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