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  • New DWP Youth Hub Opens at the Waterside Centre

    Berkshire jobseekers under the age of 25 will be able to access extra support in their search for work thanks to a new Youth Hub that was launched this week at Berkshire Youth’s Waterside Centre.

    30 September 2021

  • Purley Scouts Visit

    Earlier this month our youth workers, Kelly and Jessica, met up with Purley Explorers.

    30 September 2021

  • Kit out the Nation

    The Waterside Centre is delighted to be supporting the Kit Out the Nation campaign to help provide sports equipment to children and young people who need it to get more active.

    30 September 2021

  • Do the DofE Award with Berkshire Youth

    Berkshire Youth currently has 168 young people enrolled on their DofE Award. 

    30 September 2021

  • Berkshire Youth Named ‘Youth Charity of the Year 2021’

    We are absolutely thrilled to be named SME News ‘Youth Charity of the Year 2021’ in the UK Enterprise Awards.

    30 September 2021

  • Colin Supports Theale Green’s ‘Respectful Behaviours’ Campaign

    Theale Green have recently unveiled their Respectful Behaviours Manifesto through social media, assemblies and staff training (INSET).

    30 September 2021

  • Supporter Focus – Osborne Clarke

    We are eternally grateful to all of your supporters. This month, the fantastic Osborne Clarke have donated £5,000 to Berkshire Youth.

    30 September 2021

  • Waterside Update

    There has been so much happening at the Waterside Centre!

    30 September 2021

  • Team News

    We are delighted to welcome Ehize and Lucy to our team, and say a fond farewell to James.

    30 September 2021

  • Memories of the Waterside

    PRIZE DRAW – please send us your memories of the Waterside Centre!

    13 September 2021

CEO’s Thoughts (September Newsletter)

30 September 2021

Welcome to our September newsletter.

With the summer behind us and the team at Berkshire Youth delivering to hundreds of young people every day, who without the support of a youth offer would literally have nowhere to go and no one to talk to, it is astounding that the National Youth Agency and YMCA are not getting any traction with a youth strategy from central government. Read their joint report, Time’s Running Out, here.

It has taken us over 10 years to secure the Waterside Centre and to gain enough traction for people to start supporting the project. Without dogged determination and endless battles and bravery of individuals, the Berkshire Youth offer to young people would not happen.

The Berkshire Youth team spend hours, weeks and months of our lives advocating on behalf of young people, not to criminalise or medicalise them. But what do we get? More specialist services, more interventions and even less prevention / support. The government has promised hundreds of millions to services for young people, yet they have not allocated this pot and when they do it will yet again go to the areas outside the South East, meaning Berkshire will get nothing, whilst the poverty gap is getting bigger and services are overwhelmed with demand.

The Waterside Centre has been completed on the strength of donations, personal favours and great people doing good things. We truly welcome this, but the lead has to come from somewhere and currently we are all playing a lonely game. If the government want to reduce the long-term pressure on the state services it has to support and invest in prevention; and why are young people constantly ignored?

Every one of us should be a champion for young people; every company, every individual and every service should have young people champions. Let’s start investing in the future not this constant reflection and intervention.

How exciting it is to be working in an organisation that invests in the very nature of the future. We do our bit, but we need far more support and help.

I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter, which highlights the ways in which the Berkshire Youth team are working so hard to support young people.

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