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Fabulous Feedback – OPCC Project

28 July 2021

Just look at this fabulous feedback, given to our wonderful youth worker, Jessica, following her OPCC work in schools.

This very successful project supported young people at risk of exclusion from school through weekly one-to-one support and small group work. This is just a small sample of the positive feedback received.

Feedback from Schools

Behaviour Support Staff Member: “This has been another challenging term in terms of COVID related issues. It has been great to be able to keep this support going during this term both in school and then Online. Thanks for all your hard work.”

Intervention Coordinator and Inclusion Mentor: “We would like to thank Jessica for her continued support and help. Obviously Covid has not helped again and the effects of that are reflected in the students’ behaviour. Thanks for all the work that you put in with our students.”

Pastoral Team Leader: “Jessica is very approachable and interacts well with a variety of students. She has built up good relationships with them and they are always eager to see her. She has supported our students through some challenging times (covid) and has continually encouraged them to make positive choices.”

Feedback from Young People

“The sessions have been good as it takes some time out of lessons and to chat through things and to focus on areas I need to.”

“The sessions were helpful with helping me stay in lessons and not be sent out.”

“These sessions have helped me with anger in terms of physical fights as it has helped to take my mind off things. Before these sessions I was having a fight once every week, now my last fight was months ago!”

“I have managed to cope better with school as a result of these sessions.”

“I have enjoyed these sessions because it’s made me more confident in myself.”

Feedback from Teachers and Young People

From Teacher: “(Student) seems much more settled in school. There has been a big reduction in removals from class and general behaviour issues around school. He seems to have gained confidence in being able to communicate how he is feeling and when he is finding things hard.”
From Student: “These sessions are good and have helped me out a lot with how I view things in lessons and with my behaviour.”

From Teacher: “(Student) has benefited from having an additional person to discuss issues that she is dealing with both in and outside of school. During lockdown this was a vital source of help for her.”
From Student: “These sessions have helped me to look at situations differently.”

Well done to everyone who took part, and to Jessica for having such a positive impact on the young people’s lives and education. We believe that it is far better for everyone to invest in early intervention whenever possible.

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