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Jessica’s Blog – March 2021

24 March 2021

The start to 2021 did not go as I had planned. After Christmas, I had planned to go back into schools and deliver face to face sessions – just as before the school break.  COVID-19 restrictions and school closures had other ideas and I started one to one sessions virtually. It was great to still be able to keep in touch with young people and see how their online learning was going. However, online sessions were totally different, having to fit around young people’s online learning timetable and young people and myself adjusting to the new set up of sessions.

Since schools returned, I have been starting back in most of my schools again face to face which has been great! It has been clear that some young people really enjoyed online lessons and working from home as certain elements of face to face school that they struggled with were taken away. Others struggled with online learning and could not wait to get back into the classroom with their friends. This half term seems to be a really short one with the Easter holidays just around the corner.

Looking forward to the Easter holidays, I am excited to get out and do some detached work across Berkshire and holiday camps in Bracknell! I hope that after the Easter break, all youth club sessions can go back face to face and that I will be back in all five of the secondary schools I deliver in. I am also looking forward to some warmer weather!!

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