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Meet the Trustees – Armelle Boisset

29 April 2021

This time we meet Armelle Boisset, who has been a Trustee of Berkshire Youth for four years.

Armelle writes: “During my time as a Trustee, it’s been a privilege to witness the leadership of Jim Leftwich our Chairman, and of Dave Seward our CEO, and the resilience and support of the entire Berkshire Youth team. Despite immensely challenging circumstances – all the more so in recent years – their dedication to the young people of Berkshire remains unwavering.

I have lived in Berkshire for many years with my family and, while I was aware of some of the reduction in youth services provision, my involvement with Berkshire Youth has opened my eyes to the multiple areas in which services are lacking, particularly for vulnerable young people who do not have a good support structure. Available services have reduced over the years, they are patchy, and funded in a piecemeal and short-term manner which hinders planning and consistency. I work in the telecommunications sector and, while remote connectivity has been a lifeline in the past year, the pandemic has imposed yet another level of stress to young people, making outreach and support – and the personal interaction of our youth workers – all the more important.

There is so much more that can and should be done to give our young people a stronger start, as previous generations have had. Berkshire Youth has been a constant voice for young people, and I hope through my participation to contribute to their ongoing work.”

Thank you, Armelle, for all of the support you give to Berkshire Youth.

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