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News from The Wayz

27 May 2021

We recently caught up with Gareth who told us what’s been happening at The Wayz.

Gareth says: “The Wayz was able to support 51 of our young people through FutureProof training and 26 young people through Challenge or Bronze level Youth Achievement. It was a fantastic opportunity through UK Youth to enable us to extend the programme through our online, face-to-face and school sessions. Following lockdown and a complete change to young peoples’ routines, it was an opportunity to gain understanding and set targets to support their wellbeing, community engagement and approach and focus at school. It has been great to see the young people participate, have fun and feel the sense of achievement. We have welcomed new people into the programme and even have some new volunteers from it.

“The Wayz continued to work in partnership with and support the Berkshire Youth Barnardo’s and PCC programmes, to offer 12 of the young people from Easthampstead Park School the chance to get involved and achieve. The programme supports their development in a way that was led by them and was great to see their reactions after they completing it.

“Some of the Youth Achievement Challenges were: setting exercise targets, first aid training, social action projects, Improvements at school and, for some, it was getting out and socialising again.”

Sarah Buchanan, Assistant Head Teacher (Inclusion and Diversity) said: “The students involved in the Youth Achievement have enjoyed the participation and success it has brought them. It has boosted their self-esteem and willingness to participate in activities within the community something they would not ordinarily have the confidence to do. One student has now gone onto to be a volunteer.

“The group has learned that they can achieve success, especially when so many of them often do not experience that in their daily lives. They have learned the importance of working as a group and respecting each other if they want to achieve a goal.

“The group have really benefited from working with Gareth and continuing to work with him both in school and the community.”

One young person added: “It’s been fun doing the challenges we set in our group. I am surprised how much it has helped me get active and see the parts of Bracknell I haven’t seen or didn’t even know it was there. The sessions were fun and now I attend every week.”

Keep up the great work, Gareth and team!


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