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NYA Guidance Update – 29 March 2021

29 March 2021

From 29 March 2021, the youth sector will move to AMBER on the Readiness Framework for all outdoor activities. From this date open access and drop in services can resume for outdoor only activities for ALL young people. Young people accessing outdoor activities may only enter premises for personal welfare reasons (use of toilets etc). The use of such facilities should be carefully managed, risk assessed and subject to appropriate safeguarding measures.

  • Indoor support groups (up to 15 young people, plus workers/volunteers) may continue for young people if one of the following applies:
    1. Vulnerable children, young people and young adults (18+)
    2. Other children or young people, where the provision is (the following does not apply to over 18s):
  • Reasonably necessary to enable their parents and carers to work, search for work, undertake education or training, or attend a medical appointment or address a medical need, or attend a support group.
  • A targeted one-to-one session or group to provide support and assistance for a specific issue.
  • Being used by electively home educating parents as part of their arrangements for their child to receive a suitable full-time education.
  • For the purposes of obtaining a regulated qualification, meeting the entry requirements for an education institution, or to undertake exams and assessments.

From 29 March, youth groups that meet outdoors no longer have group size restrictions. Groups can be of any size, although organisations should be cautious to ensure suitable safeguarding, supervision ratios and social distancing is in place.

Additionally, online/digital, detached/outdoor youth activities and one-to-one support is permitted for all young people. Trips and visits are permitted for all young people, although residentials, camping and overnight stays are prohibited. Travel should be kept to a minimum at all times.

The full guidance can be downloaded here.


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