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Team News

30 September 2021

We are delighted to welcome Ehize and Lucy to our team, and say a fond farewell to James.

Ehize Ehizode has been playing professional rugby since the age of 18 and decided it was time to seek different opportunities. He is based at the Wayz, where he is working closely with young people in a selection of schools in the Bracknell area, organising 1-to-1 and group sessions, implementing the element of sport if appropriate. Ehize used to work as a part time youth mentor, where he would support and mentor young people who required additional assistance out of school, and has also been studying for a degree in Criminology and Law.

Ehize says: “I was part of a youth club growing up and I know the impact it had on me. I hope to have the same positive influence on young people the same way I had when I was their age, assisting them through their time in education. My personal aspiration is to play at a greater level in rugby and to excel to the highest level I can.”

Welcome to the team, Ehize, we’re delighted to have you on board!

Lucy Honour joins us via the Kickstart programme, supporting our work at the Waterside Centre. She has already impressed us with her enthusiasm, even speaking at this week’s DWP Youth Hub launch event, in front of a number of guests.

Here’s what Lucy has to say: “I went to QMC College and studied Health and Social Care for four years. I then went to work with young individuals with learning difficulties. I have a very energetic and bubbly personality, and I bring a positive attitude. I love working within a team but also like working on my own. I am very organised and love learning.

“I’m really enjoying the Kickstart programme; it’s a great opportunity to learn and develop new skills. I like their values on building up young people’s self-esteem and confidence in order for them to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. I would like to gain more confidence when it comes down to the administration side, and learning about different software and marketing. I would also like to learn leadership skills where I am running my own activities.

“I really enjoy doing detached work, where I’m going out into the community with a staff member and interacting with youths.

“I’m applying this year in order to go to university to do Criminology and Psychology so that I can achieve my goal working with young offenders.”

James Frost leaves us after completing his Business Support Internship with us this summer.

James reflects: “Berkshire Youth’s Business Support Internship gave me a fantastic opportunity to immerse myself in strategic and operational marketing work. During my summer internship, I was involved in supporting the marketing of the Waterside Centre Newbury to help Berkshire Youth establish a core customer base for community bookings which will turn support the organisation’s longer-term youth work in the West Berkshire area. This included establishing a digital marketing presence for the Waterside Centre Newbury through the creation of new social media accounts, event marketing campaigns, facility visitor guide brochure, and video marketing content.

“Despite only being with Berkshire Youth for 10 weeks, I was made to feel part of the team straight away. What truly makes an organisation a great place to work for is its people, which Berkshire Youth epitomises. I found it inspiring to work with a team of individuals that place passion, selflessness and youth self-actualisation at the heart of what they do.

“As my role was predominantly at the Waterside Centre, I got to witness first hand through Berkshire Youth’s Summer Holiday Club programme how the newly-refurbished youth and community building is, and will continue to be, a valued asset from the West Berkshire region. As a strengths-based youth service offering, Berkshire Youth has the activity provision and facilities to develop the skills and attributes of young people, centred around their needs. This will in turn empower young people to realise their full potential and play an active role in the Newbury and Berkshire community.”

Thank you for all of your support, James, you were amazing! We wish you all the very best with your Masters; you definitely have a very bright future ahead of you!

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