About Berkshire Youth charity

Berkshire Youth has been serving the young people of Berkshire, delivering excellent and efficient youth support services for more than 80 years. We are proud of our track record and committed to building on it over the coming years to support young people make successful transitions to adulthood.

David Seward, Chief Executive Officer

M: 07721 317354
T: 0118 909 0926
E: David.seward@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Sarah Emery, Operations Director

M: 07884 310426
E: Sarah.emery@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Debbie Dye, Finance Manager

T: 0118 909 0924
E: Debbie.dye@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Sue Tabor, Data & Information Officer

T: 0118 909 0927
E: Sue.tabor@berkshireyouth.co.uk


Kate Armitage, Training & Volunteer Development Manager

M: 07881 941343
E:  Kate.armitage@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Kate is currently on maternity leave

Julie MacLean, Marketing Manager

T: 0118 909 0925
E: Julie.maclean@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Kelly Leach, Youth and Community Manager

M: 07542 300516
E: Kelly.leach@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Katie O'Donnell, Youth Worker

M: 07542 300517
E: Katie.O’Donnell@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Jessica Kirby, Youth Worker

M: 07881 941345
E: Jessica.kirby@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Colin Leslie, Youth Worker

M: 07917 332468
E: Colin.leslie@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Ehize Ehizode, Youth Worker

M: 07542 300518
E: Ehize.ehizode@berkshireyouth.co.uk

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