About Berkshire Youth charity

Berkshire Youth has been serving the young people of Berkshire, delivering excellent and efficient youth support services for more than 80 years. We are proud of our track record and committed to building on it over the coming years to support young people make successful transitions to adulthood.

Sarah Emery, Chief Executive

M: 07884 310426
E: Sarah.emery@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Debbie Dye, Finance & Administration Manager

T: 0118 909 0924
E: Debbie.dye@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Gareth Mepham, Director of Youth Work

T: 07928 816186

E: gareth.mepham@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Louisa Merchant, Business Development Manager

T: 07720 159989

E: louisa.merchant@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Sue Tabor, Data and Information Officer

T: 0118 909 0927
E: Sue.tabor@berkshireyouth.co.uk


Kerrie Hiscock, Youth Development and Participation Lead

M: 07720 159945
E: Kerrie.hiscock@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Kelly Leach, Youth and Community Manager

M: 07542 300516
E: Kelly.leach@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Ailie Pottinger, Waterside Centre Manager

T: 01635 018500
E: Ailie.pottinger@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Jessica Kirby, Youth Worker

M: 07881 941345
E: Jessica.kirby@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Mia McCreesh, Youth Worker

M: 07542 300518
E: Mia.mccreesh@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Kenmore Hinds, Youth Worker

M: 07840 853687
E: Kenmore.hinds@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Natasha Harvey, Youth Worker

T: 07759 124117

E: natasha.harvey@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Natacha Parker, Cafe Manager Waterside Centre

T: 01635 018500

E: natacha.parker@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Natalya Furneaux, Youth Worker

M: 07840 853686
E: Natalya.furneaux@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Leah Gater, Young Carers Activities Co-ordinator

T: 07840853700

E: leah.gater@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Ed Ives-Wara, Young Carers Manager

M: 07542 300517

E: Ed.ives-wara@berkshireyouth.co.uk

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